In-house trainings

Clo Willaerts is a highly experienced trainer, known for her in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of digital marketing and technology. She has years of experience working with a wide range of clients, helping them to understand the latest trends and best practices in these rapidly-evolving fields.

Her training sessions cover a wide range of topics, including trends in digital and technology, digital platforms and business models, digital marketing strategies, and much more.

Willaerts offers her training both in-house at location, online, or both in a hybrid format, providing flexibility to meet the needs of different organizations and individuals. The table below provides an overview of the various sessions she offers, highlighting the key models and concepts that are covered in each.

Session Models & concepts
Keynote: Trends in Digital Trends in Technology with regards to Business (post-COVID and mid-inflation), Navigating uncertainty, Singularity: Chaos & Amazement GAFAM, Follow the money, Follow the data
Session: Digital Platforms and their Business Models Key Partnerships, Key Resources, Key Activities, Business Model Canvas, The Golden Circle, Ikigai for Business, Elevator Pitch
Session: Trends in Business Stakeholder Management, Corporate Purpose, Sustainability & Climate Change, Net Zero & Circular Economy, Social Entrepreneurship, Stakeholder Canvas, UN Sustainable Development Goals
Session: From Strategy to Tactics with Buyer Persona Market Analysis, Market Research, Market Trends, Market Condition, Stakeholder Mapping, Jobs To Be Done, Consumer Trends Canvas, Business Model Canvas: Customer Relationships, Customer Segments, Buyer Persona Canvas, Competitive SWOT, PESTLE, 4N Strategic model, JTBD Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Human Centered Product Design, Brand Audit, Style Guide, Value Proposition, 4N Strategy, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Product/Market Fit (Ansoff), Market Share vs Growth Matrix (BCG), Consumer Trends Canvas, Design Thinking, Unique Selling Proposition, Elevator Pitch
Session Measuring Success: Analytics, Metrics and KPIs Business KPIs, Marketing objectives and KPIs, North Star Metrics, Google Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting, (SMART Marketing Objectives)
Keynote or Workshop: Digital Marketing What is Digital Marketing, Why Digital Marketing, Consumer Trends, Consumer Trends Canvas
Session: From Strategy to Planning Marketing Strategy aligned with Business Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy aligned with Marketing Strategy, Example: Inbound Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategic Plan, Content Planning (esp. Social Media for 202x), Editorial Calendar, 4N Strategic model, Buyer Personas, Value Propositions, Customer Journey Mapping, 3H Content model
Session: Websites and tools for marketing professionals. Focus on tools to create, publish, automate, optimize Interactive session with live demos
Session: Content Marketing How to create good content, Where to find inspiration, How to pick the right content format, Customer Journey, 3H Content Model
Session: Personal Branding, Thought Leadership, Creator Economy What it takes to be successful, What you need to do, What you need to be, Know-Like-Trust, Content- Community – Commerce, 1000 True Fans
Keynote: the Power of Video Marketing 5 reasons to start with video marketing today, Tools and tricks, 4N strategic model, Video marketing action plan
Session: Digital Channels – Video Channels. Video first channels (Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, Twitch, TikTok) and Video (advertising) enabled channels (Instagram, Snap, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest) Customer Journey SEE/Awareness & THINK/Consideration
Session: Digital Channels – Paid Media – Online Advertising PPC, Display Ads, Social Media Ads, Customer Journey: SEE/Awareness
Session: Influencing Buying Decisions through SEO Customer Journey: THINK/Consideration, 3H Content model: Help Content, Tactic: Evergreen Content
Session: Content Distribution + Fuel for the (Social Media) Feed 20/80 Principle, Paid, Owned, Earned Media, C.O.P.E.
Session: Growth Hacking Tactics Customer Journey: Negative Thinking Exercise
Session: Digital Channels – Owned Media – Optimize your website for UX and conversion Website visitor expectations, Customer Journey: BUY/Conversion, KPIs: Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, Cart Abandonment Rate
Session: Digital Channels – Owned Media – E-commerce Selling online in the New Normal, E-commerce in Belgium, Customer Expectations, Top e-commerce platforms: marketplaces, social commerce, e-commerce solutions, Customer Journey: BUY/Conversion
Session: Digital Channels – Owned Media – E-mail Marketing + Content Curation Tactics Customer Journey: USE/Experience
Session: Experience Marketing & Events In-Person, Online and Hybrid Events, Customer Journey: USE/Experience, 5E of events: Expectations Experience Education Energy Exclusivity
Session: Digital Channels – Earned Media – PR & Influencer Marketing Customer Journey: BUY/Conversion, Influencer marketing strategy, PR tactics and metrics